Freefall Tournament
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Aim; Shoot; Move
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Third-person shooter is a genre of 3D-based action games which is getting quite popular these days. In these games players can control their character easier, the field of vision is wider and the whole gaming experience is more realistic. On the other hand, gaming technology is constantly developing and there are web-based games available now. They are popular because they don't need installing any additional software and they have large communities. Having all these things in mind it is no surprise that Freefall tournament game is so popular these days. Freefall tournament is a free 3D web based 3rd person shooter. It was produced by Free Range a relatively new player on the gaming scene. One of the first things you will notice about this game is that the action is very fast so players practically have access to non-stop entertainment. In order, to find out more about this game and the way it's played let's start with the weapons. Many experts believe that this is the main reason for the game's popularity. Freefall Tournament players can choose from various weapons (some of them are 'borrowed' from real life while some of them are futuristic which is logical because the game takes place in the future and in outer space. You can use classic guns and flamethrowers or you can select some really interesting laser guns. You can also use swords, hammers and bombs too. You will get primary and secondary weapons. What is great about all these weapons is that players don't need to have some super skills in order to aim and shoot. While we are talking about the equipment you should know that every character comes with a jetpack. These jetpacks allow aerial combat. On one hand this is really good for group attacks but in some cases it can be difficult to find your teammates so try to stay in groups and communicate regularly because these jetpacks can move really fast and they can go in any direction. In the beginning you can choose from eight different classes of military units Tech, Scout, Gunner, Tank, Blazer, Shocker, Assassin and Blaster. Take your time and analyze their advantages and disadvantages and find the one that suits you. Each of them uses a primary weapon (some of them were mentioned previously in the article). For example, the Assassin uses special stealth and undercover weapons that don't cost that much damage but if they are used at the right time they can eliminate the enemies without any problems. Tips and Tricks Freefall Tournament players should know that the main objective in this game is to finish the missions and get experience points and cash. It is important to remember that experience points and cash is acquired through completion of these missions not on the number of kills. So try to finish every mission as fast as you can. Every character needs to use different strategy in order to be successful. Techs should be used by experienced players because they are more complicated. Gunners should stay on the edge of the map and wait for a clear shot. Thanks should be used to take over control points. Final thoughts Freefall Tournament is a real refreshment in this genre designed in Unity 3D games technology. Those who love fast-paced action games will surely love this game.
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